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Villa Stavento
January 142014

Imagine this:  a home, in a village, on an island, set in a ring of islands.  A  place of serenity.  An imposing stone-built house, drawing on local style, standing on the edge of a peaceful Venetian village.  Beyond, a breathtaking view over the sea where neighbouring Cycladic islands encircle Delos, site of Apollo’s sanctuary.

Our island is Tinos, with its scattered villages, some inhabited since times of antiquity.  Our village is Ktikados, built by the Venetians in the 13th century as a place of vigilance against sea-borne dangers and now verdant  with citrus trees and bright with flowers.

Castello Stavento, as its name suggests, is built to be protected from prevailing winds and its sheltered position has allowed the development of a luxuriant garden, offering secluded corners, sudden vistas over the surrounding sea, sunlight and cool shade.  A large swimming pool is set among interlinking shrubs, terraces and an arched alley.   This is a place either for simple relaxation or for meditation and self-discovery.  Across the sea channel lie sacred Delos and Mykonos with its night life – both waiting to be visited according to the mood of the day.

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